When you care about pets the way we do, it’s nice to hear when our customers have good things to say about our foods. Read some of their stories here. Scroll down to tell us your story.


Milton Mills, NH

4 Stars

"My dog always eat your food. But I must buy it in Walmart EVERY TIME ! Hope to get them in pet stores. It will be more convenient !!!"


Roanoke, VA

4 Stars

"I have two lab/newfoundland mix dogs that are nine years old. Until we found BLUE WHALE dog food we spent four to five times a year at the vet for skin issues. Our dogs have NEVER been so happy or healthy looking since we found BLUE WHALE. All the money we spent changing their food to the expensive brands thinking that was better and here we have a perfect food at a perfect price! Thank you. "


Ontario, CA

4 Stars

"I just would love to tell you how much our dog and two cats love your BLUE WHALE dry dog and cat food. The cats can\'t get enough of it. Our dog “Rampage” eats every last crumb. I believe this is the best food out there for our animals. Rampage looks so good without a trace of fat on him. I\'m so happy to find this food at our local pet store."


Sparks, NV

4 Stars

"Snickers, my petite little tiger kitty, started having a problem with diarrhea around age 13. The vet determined it was probably related to what she was eating after some testing and advised I try feeding her other foods. She was very picky so not much changed for a while. When a couple years later it was found her kidneys were failing I was told to avoid feeding her protein because it harder for her kidneys to process and usually higher in phosphorus which can be really bad for a cat with kidney failure. If on the rare occasion she would eat any of these new foods, the diarrhea was worse than ever and she was losing weight. And even though I was giving her subcutaneous fluids nightly her kidney values were degrading. After much research I sought to at least eliminate the cause of the diarrhea which I suspected to be grain related, despite higher protein content. The cupboard was filling up with the canned food she was rejecting when I came across the BLUE WHALE cans. Her single food of choice became the organic turkey / chicken. Diarrhea went away, she put on weight her kidney values stabilized and her dandruffy coat became lush & silky & more vibrantly colored. My kitty seemed to come back to life and had 8 more great months (with sub-Q fluids) until bladder cancer took her at age 17. Her 3 glossy-coated replacements love the beef & liver best. "


Cedarburg, WI

4 Stars

"We have been feeding our 8 year old 19.75 lb. cat BLUE WHALE for 3 months. I have noticed a much more playful energetic cat. He also dropped a 1/2 pound. A friend recommended the brand and I will continue with BLUE WHALE. "


Pittston, PA

4 Stars

"I was lucky enough to dog food from BLUE WHALE, and I am so glad I did. Since Cody, our 12 year old lab has been eating BLUE WHALE, we have seen a difference in his health. Cody has bad hips, but I really believe that the food has helped. He isn\'t putting on weight and his hips have not gotten any worse. Thanks BLUE WHALE. "


Tampa, FL

4 Stars

"I\'ve been feeding my Chow - BLUE WHALE food, Adult Formula and the Canine Whites for almost 4 years now. She has the most beautiful Silky and Shiny Black Coat. We get compliments every time we\'re out! Her teeth seem to be white n clean and never seem to have a breath odor problem. She is Crazy over the Canine Whites! Please don\'t ever stop making them! As they are sometimes very difficult to find in my area, I wish I could find a retailer that carried them regularly. We also use the canned varieties mixed with her kibble and she enjoys that too! Keep making Us and Our Pets Happy!!! "


Port Hueneme, CA

4 Stars

"Our 8 year old Fila Brasiliero has been on the Large Breed Adult Dog Formula for over 3 years now and loves it!!!! I feel really good about feeding her BLUE WHALE since I can\'t practically give her a raw food diet. I found you guys when our other dog had canine papiloma virus. BLUE WHALE was recommended as a benificial food for dogs with this condition. He looked so much healthier all over!!! I will continue to keep my mastiffs on this. "


North Syracuse, NY

4 Stars

"\"As a pet owner and breeder BLUEWHALE Pet Foods has been my brand of choice for the past 20 years. My oldest dog will be 16 Jan. 1, 2011 and he\'s been eating BLUEWHALE all his life, he loves it and is still a very healthy and active dog. I can make the same statement about my 3 dogs and 2 cats. They all love it plus they look and feel great. Thanks BLUEWHALE for helping to keep my 4-legged friends in such good shape. With kind regards\""


Stockton, NY

4 Stars

"\"What great food you produce. I purchased it first because it is local and local people make it from local products. My 2 cats and black lab love the food. I have been buying your pet food for as long as I can remember. My last cat of 15 years ate it and enjoyed it too. Not only do I endorse your pet food, but my pets do too. I buy my pet food at my local Cassadaga Sure-Fine because I can always get the types they like. Thanks you for selling safe and nutritious products for our beloved pets. Incidentally, the major pet food manufacturer plant manager lives down the street from me. LOL\""


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