In 1978, Joshua Martinez picked up a starving dog when he walked by the sea. He named it Blue Whale. At that time, Joshua was working on his family farm with low salary. He had no choice but bought cheap dog food. After a period of time, Blue Whale got stomach illness. In order to offer the poor dog more nutritious and healthy food, Joshua made his own dog with natural ingredients. With feeding the food, Blue Whale recuperated its health.

Old Joshua Martinez:

Now Joshua Martinez has five dogs.

He still feeds the pets by his own way.



BLUE WHALE® Pet Food now is a professional pet food manufacturer. In 2015, we cooperated with NewProducer Foods. A new journey began.We’ve kept Joshua’s ideal that “NATURE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF LIFE” and offer the highest quality and the most natural ingredients to lovely pets.

We’ve been proud of our pet food, because it makes the pets get more natural and fuller nutrition what they need to support themselves in all day. People will not overwhelmed by various pet food choices and wonder how they can get the most nutritional benefit for their pets. BLUE WHALE® is always making the choice easier by its efforts on premium and natural diet.